On this Thursday in December, in room A12 of the labor court of Paris, the atmosphere is a mite tense. Admittedly, the labor courts, which deals with disputes between employees and employers, are never particularly relaxed. But for this case, the last of the afternoon, the council, two representatives of the employees, two representatives of the employer, must speak on a case that is unusual for several reasons. First, because of the business sector: the former IT manager of a video game company is turning against his employer. The name of the company is Quantic Dream. This star of the French video game industry, founded in 1997, works with Sony to release its next game Detroit: Become Human. It has its offices in eastern Paris. The dissatisfied employee essentially criticizes the way Quantic Dream top management dealt with a crisis between himself and some of his peers. Secondly it is the origin of the crisis that takes the case a little further away from the litany of disputes to which the labor court is accustomed.